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Personal data

DUVI Group AB hold you integrity and right to protection of personal data at highest regard. Our intent is to always follow applicable law regarding personal data. This Privacy Policy aims to enlighten you on what types of personal data we handle and how they may come to be used. When you register an account, place an order, or in any other way hand us data, you are asked to accept this Privacy Policy and consent to the treatment of your personal data in accordance with it.

Data Controller

DUVI Group AB controls personal data, and in that capacity is ultimately responsible for all our processing of your personal data.

Which personal data do we process?

DUVI Group AB will process personal information that you actively provide us with on, in part those we collect through the use of technical aids such as ex. cookies, and which are necessary for us to fulfill our contractual commitments to you as a customer.

Personal data that may be processed by us includes; social security number, gender, name, addresses, phone number, e-mail addresses, order history, payment history, usage history, account and credit card number.

Usage of personal data

In addition to the processing necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations, we will, provided you consent to this in connection with the disclosure of personal data, use your personal data for statistical purposes, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters and for identification purposes. Personal data may also be used for marketing and information via text and telephone. You may at any time withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal information by contacting Customer Service.

Furthermore, personal data that you have provided and that has been collected may be used to improve as well as improve payment solutions and other routines, which may necessitate the transfer of your personal information, including, inter alia, your social security number, to other companies and third party providers. We may also use your social security number when collecting credit reports on behalf of creditors and payment providers.

Your personal data may, with due diligence and security measures, be combined with data in other registries, both inside and outside the EU. Your personal data may also be transferred to, and processed by, partners for the above mentioned purposes, always in accordance with applicable rules and guidelines. In addition, your personal data may be shared and co-operated with authorities and our contractors or suppliers for transportation, credit review and payment.

By accepting this Privacy Policy in connection with registration prior to a purchase or for any other reason you provide personal information to us, you also consent to the transfer of your personal data to non-EU countries where we consider it necessary.

In the event that DUVI Group AB is acquired by another owner or merged with another company or organization, we may share your personal information with our advisors, a presumptive buyer and their adviser, as well as any new owner of DUVI Group AB

Advertising Services

We use Google Advertising Services, among others. Here you can read more about how Google collects, shares and processes personal information.

Protection and security measures

DUVI Group AB’s processing of your personal data is done using a secure system that meets all technical base requirements. Integrated data protection permeates the entire life cycle (so-called privacy by design) from collection to processing and storage. We apply pseudonymization and encryption when handling sensitive personal data whenever possible. Screening occurs regularly and safely. We apply thorough credential checks and an internal role distribution based on need-to-know principles. Our system generates logs that enable tracking and we regularly conduct vulnerability analyzes. In addition, our security work also includes other actions, such as system cure, monitoring, and firewall usage and anti-malware features.

How long is your data saved?

If you have provided personal information when you have registered an account for a purchase at DUVI Group AB, and in accordance with the processing of your personal information, we will store these until you unsubscribe. Such personal information that we collect individually or which you submitted to us without registering an account, we store as long as we are required to do so under applicable law or as long as the information is required to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you, for example delivery or warranty.

We do not store personal data beyond what the current laws and regulations permit, currently the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council), hereinafter abbreviated as “GDPR”.

Your rights

GDPR grants you the following rights in regard to our processing of your personal information: (1) the right to understand which of our personal data we process, for what reason and for what purposes; (2) The right to correct your personal information; (3) Under certain circumstances, the right to have your personal data deleted; (4) The right, in some cases, to require that our processing of your personal data be limited; (5) The right to data portability regarding certain personal data; (6) In certain circumstances, you are entitled to completely oppose the processing of your personal information; as well as (7) the right to, at any time when our processing of your personal data is based on your consent, revoke your consent in whole or in part at any time, without delay deleting such personal data as we collected and processed based on consent. If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal information, your rights, or wish to withdraw your consent, contact us directly.

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We, DUVI Group AB, reserve the right to make changes and additions to this Privacy Policy at any time to meet community development, technical progress, new legislation, or to deal with disturbances and abuse or face unexpected behaviors and use of Our Services. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on our website.


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Published on 15-05-2018.