Posters with illustrations is a trend in interior design and fits perfectly in the kitchen, in the bedroom, as well as in the living room. In our big collection you will find different styles of art and always something that fits every interior style.


Illustrations and sketches

We at Postersprints love crafts. Therefore, we are very excited to offer these posters with illustrations as the subject. Having these posters on your wall creates a very personal feeling, and you have the opportunity to decorate your home just the way you want! Here you will find a good mix of art motifs, classy drawings and cute children’s room motifs.

Decorate with illustrative prints!

In our assortment there is a plethora of posters and prints. In this category you will find something for all tastes, whether it’s simplicity or expressiveness. The great thing about illustrations is that they are often very easy to combine with other posters for stylish wall panels. A stylish illustration next to an expressive text board can elevate both works to new heights. A few examples of combinations of posters and placards can be found in Perfect together.

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