Personalized Birth Posters


Becoming a parent is one of the greatest thing a person can experience. The day of your child’s birth will forever be held close to your heart. Just like we grew up, our kids will grow up, and that day might be sooner than you think. Take this opportunity to eternalize your little sunshine at the moment when it was at its cutest. With our personalized birth posters, you’ll forever have a monument to the memory of your baby’s birth, in a 1:1 scale!



In a world where mass-production is constant, we at Postersprints love the feeling of being able to offer a personal touch to our products. This is most apparent when it comes to our personalized birth posters. You’ll have the option to, apart from entering the name of your child, enter weight, length, date & time of birth as well.

Birth posters with personalized text

We handle these personal, important prints with utmost care. This is to guarantee a high level of quality and artistic touch. We’re also working hard to keep our delivery times as short as possible. Compared to our core range of products, the manual nature of these posters lead to a slightly longer production time. During periods of high pressure, the delivery time might therefor be 1-2 days longer than usual.

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