General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions accepted by DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints on 05/15/2018

These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply to any user who, as a consumer (“You”), makes an order or registers at (“The Web site”). Contracting parties are, on the one hand, DUVI GROUP AB. Org. no. 556850-8997, and on the other hand you, the Consumer.

Content of the Web site

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints’s rights

All content on the Web site and the Service including, but not limited to, text, images, graphics, logos, product information, reviews, underlying databases, sound recordings and trademarks are owned or licensed to DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints and constitute intellectual and commercial law protected property. It is prohibited, without the consent of DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints, to copy or make available all or part of the content on the Web site. The web site may not be used for commercial purposes by persons, companies or organizations involved with business in direct or indirect competition with DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints. Nor may the Web site be used for commercial purposes by persons close to such persons, companies or organizations.

Limitation of Liability

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints can not guarantee that the content of the Web site at any time is complete and accurate. Incorrect information may be caused by a variety of reasons, attributable to both DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints and our suppliers, or circumstances entirely beyond our control. We express reservation for all such incidents, including but not limited to being out of stock, image and writing errors in eg. product description, specifications or prices, supply information, and price adjustments attributable to, for example, suppliers or currency fluctuations. DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints always has the right to correct such errors, as well as to change or update any content on the Web site at any time. You are not committed to an order made based on information that is corrected after ordering but before delivery. Of course, we will notify you immediately if any such incident occurs. Images on the Web site are illustrations and we can not guarantee that they in all cases accurately reflect the appearance of a product.


The Web site may contain links to other sites on the Internet, which are beyond the control of DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints Conversely, sites outside of the control of DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints may link to the Web site. Although DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints continuously works to ensure that the Web site only links to sites that maintain at least the same standards regarding e.g. protection of users’ personal data, we will not take on any responsibility for the handling of personal data that you provide on other websites. You should be thorough when it comes to knowing what is applicable to terms of use, privacy protection, etc. on all websites you visit and use.

Agreement and orders

Your acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, etc.

In order to make a purchase through the Website you must accept these General Terms and Conditions and the other documents they refer to, including our Privacy Policy. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you are aware of them – whether you have read them or not – and agree to comply with the terms in their entirety. Please note that this includes confirmation that you have taken note of our information about how we handle and use your personal information, as well as necessary consent to certain personal data processing.

Ordering and confirmation

You are basically legally bound by each order you make on the Web site, but a purchase agreement is not concluded until we have accepted your order and sent an order confirmation to you. Save the order confirmation; it contains useful information if you would like to contact us and also serves as a warranty receipt. The rights you have in certain cases to cancel an order or withdraw a purchase can be found in the Cancellation section below.


DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints reserves the right to not enter into any agreement with you for any reason. Examples of reasons why DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints would choose not to enter into an agreement with you may be: information found in connection with a credit review, the appearance that you at any point have provided incorrect information, that you have let someone use your login details, that you revoke consent to processing your personal information, or that an agreement would risk negative press for DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints

Prices and payment


When ordering through the website, the price stated on the Website is the valid price. Prices quoted in Swedish crowns include VAT. Fees for payment and shipping are not included in the price and are specified separately.


You can only pay via the options stated on the Web site at any given time. Here you can read more about the payment methods we apply. DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has the right to charge you as soon as you place your order, unless invoice payment or an other similar payment method has been chosen by you and approved by DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints When requesting invoice payment or partial payment, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints or any of our partners can obtain credit information. You will in such a case receive information about this.

Occasionally, for some reason, we may not offer a certain payment option, for example, due to technical issues or our underlying agreements with the partners providing payment solutions. We provide no guarantee that it is always possible to use the exact payment method you wish to use.

Promotions, offers and gift cards

Deviating terms associated with promotions and offers

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints, in conjunction with various campaigns, offers, during limited times and under special circumstances, terms that are more favorable than those stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions. Such temporarily deviating terms apply only to the products that a campaign covers and never for longer than the time a campaign is active.

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints always reserves the right to cancel a campaign, even before the originally announced campaign end date. Reasons for revoking a campaign may be due to products being out of stock or abuse of the promotion terms. As soon as a campaign is over, these General Terms and Condition apply fully without any changes.

Gift cards

Gift cards issued by DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints are valid for two (2) years from their issue and can only be used on the Web site. After the period of validity, a gift card can no longer be used as payment. Nor can a gift card be renewed, re-activated, and no remaining values will be refunded. Gift cards are a value document that is to be handled and stored in a safe fashion. DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints does not redeem gift cards. We also do not replace lost gift cards, whether it was stolen from you or misplaced.

Delivery and transport

All delivery times stated on the Web site are approximations. Items in stock are usually delivered within the number of working days stated on the Web site. If you order goods that are not in stock at the time of purchase, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints can not make any estimations for a certain delivery date. More information about deliveries can be found here.

When you place an order, you will be informed about the expected delivery time in the order confirmation, at checkout and sometimes already on the relevant product page on the Web site.

Please note that it is up to you to redeem all deliveries that are to be retrieved from a delivery point. This must be done within the time specified on the notification to you from the carrier. In general, valid identification documents must be provided when packages are retrieved, order numbers and delivery numbers are other required information. You always get an alert that shows where and when packages should be retrieved. Notification can be provided via e-mail, regular mail and if you have provided a mobile number, by phone call or text. If you do not pick up the package, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has the right to charge you a fee.

Return Policy

As a consumer, you have the right of withdrawing your purchase when purchasing goods on the Web site. This means that you have the right to undo your purchase by notifying DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints within ninety (90) days of receipt of the item (“Return Period”) by you, or someone acting as your agent. This return policy does not apply to all purchases. If you order a product for which the return policy is not valid, you will receive information about this. The return policy does not apply if you have broken the seal of a delivered item. Notification to DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal shall be clear and unambiguous and given as directed herein. You must enter your name, address and other information necessary to identify the purchase, such as order number, invoice number and item name. Alternatively, you have the option to use the Consumer Agency’s standard form for exercising a right of withdrawal, which can be found on the Consumer Agency website,

When exercising a right of withdrawal, you will pay return shipping. You are also responsible for the condition of the product from you receiving it until delivered to us, i.e. even during the return shipping process. The item must be returned within thirty (30) days from the date your notice of withdrawal was given to us. Since you are responsible for the condition of the goods in connection with the return, we recommend that goods be returned well packed, in good condition and in their original carton. You will find our guidelines for returns here. When exercising a right of withdrawal, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints will refund the amount you paid for the item, including delivery costs for delivery to you. Exceptions apply to extraordinary delivery costs as a result of your choice of delivery other than standard delivery. When returning part of your order, the delivery cost is not refunded. Please note that DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has the right to, and regularly utilizes its right to deduct on amounts repaid when there exists any impairment attributable to the use or handling of the product to a greater extent than is necessary to determine its properties or function. Such necessary handling very rarely means that the product noticeably changes from being considered new.

Repayment in connection with the exercise of a right of withdrawal is made promptly, and no later than fourteen (14) days from the date DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has received a notice of appeal for a right of withdrawal. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, we always have the right to waive a refund until we have received the goods from you or you can prove that the goods have been submitted for return delivery, such as with delivery number. A refund will be made unless otherwise agreed or any other obstacle exists through the payment option you specified when ordering.

Warranty and complaints

Certain items on the Web site are subject to warranty. Information about the warranty period and special warranty terms for each product is available on the Web site or in these General Terms and Conditions. Please note that warranty applies only to original fabrication errors and not to errors that arise due to your way of handling the product. Warranty never applies if you make a personal change of the product’s function or appearance, such as modification, rebuilding, upgrade or other configuration. Your order confirmation is valid as a guarantee certificate.

You are always entitled to return goods that are defective in accordance with current consumer protection laws. If you believe that an item you ordered is defective, contact DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints as soon as possible after you discover the error. Complaints made within two (2) months of the occurrence of the error are always considered to be timely. You have three (3) years warranty on goods purchased through the Web site.

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has the right to deny a complaint that the product under current consumer protection legislation is not considered to be faulty. DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints, except for in the case of special circumstances, adheres to statements from the General Complaints Board.

When returning a product in connection with an approved complaint, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints is responsible for return shipping. Once the defective item has been returned and the complaint has been approved, you will receive compensation from DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. We always try to make the payment within fourteen (14) days of the complaint, but it may take longer depending on the type of item.

Force Majeure

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as labor conflicts, extreme weather conditions, war, fire, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks, changed government regulations, technical interruptions, power failure, telecommunications or data communications, or other communications and errors, or delay in subcontractor services due to the circumstances stated above. Such circumstances shall constitute grounds for exemption which imply exemption from damages and other legal penalties. If circumstances of the kind mentioned above apply, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints will inform you – if possible – when the situation arises, and when it will cease. If such circumstance has continued for longer than two (2) months, each party is entitled to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.

Other terms and conditions

Changes and additions

DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes are published on the Web site without delay. Changes and additions constitute contractual content of all your purchases from the moment that you have actively accepted the terms of a new purchase or new visit to the Website, but no later than thirty (30) days after DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints has informed you of the changes. We recommend that you visit the Web site regularly and keep yourself posted on any changes to these General Terms and Conditions.


If a court, authority or arbitration panel with jurisdiction over DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints and its agreement would find that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is in whole or in part invalid or impossible to effect, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be equally valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law and interpreted in such a way as to achieve the purpose of the terms as a whole. The provision becoming annulled or for which execution has been denied may be replaced or modified.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

If a dispute can not be resolved in agreement with customer service at DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints, you may, as a customer, contact the ARN (General Complaints Board); for more information go to In case of a dispute, DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints follows any decision from ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body unless, for particular reasons, another assessment results.

Swedish law shall be guiding the interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions, and unless mandatory provisions cause otherwise, will be applicable in the event of a dispute. Disputes concerning the relationship between you and DUVI GROUP AB/Postersprints, purchases on the Web site, the interpretation or application of these General Terms and Conditions are reviewed by the General Court.

Published on 15-05-2018