Maps & Cities

Decorate the walls with maps & cities close to your heart – a hot trend that is here to stay! Here you will find our range of urban motifs, including texts and maps.


Posters with maps & cities

Prints and posters of maps are not only popular and stylish. They can also remind you of lovely holiday trips of the past and pleasant memories. Decorate with posters of photos and maps of New York, Stockholm, Paris, Gothenburg, Malmö, Milan or Tokyo. With posters from this category, people with wanderlust can dream they’re somewhere else for a little while.

Decorating with maps & cities

Keep alive the feeling you had when you were in your favorite city, and decorate with posters of motifs from all the metropolises of the world. Photographs that capture the pulse of a city, a famous monument or a poster with a map of a city you like, are also great for combining with text boards, photo art or fashion images and art motifs.

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