Perfect Pink


Pink surely does look to be the color of the year. In interior design, it’s becoming increasingly popular to use pink details. Here at Postersprints, we’ve decided to curate this hand-picked selection of our favorite pink posters. It contains the best pink our different categories has to offer. Whether you’re into photography or illustration, art motifs or animals, we promise there’s something for you to find here.


Pink posters

Whether it’s in abstract photography, illustrations or digital painting – pink is in! For some homes, a stylistic, black & white approach simply doesn’t cut it. For those occasions, look no further! We offer an excellent, hand-picked pink collection.

Pink and home decor

Long gone are the days when pink home decor was considered “too chic”. We say: Chic is the new standard! It takes guts to decorate your home with pink posters, but we promise you – it’s going to be worth it. These hand-picked posters have the ability to turn the most drab rooms into sparkling pink havens.

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